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Colin Larsen - Cinematographer 


Chrys is a dream to work with. As a collaborator I have complete trust in her decision making; she has a firm grasp of her story, characters and a keen eye and attention to detail when it comes to seeing things through the lens. She brings a great energy to set and is always open to listen to her heads of department to achieve the best possible outcome on a shoot. I can’t wait to see what we do together next!

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John Hresc - Sydney Sound Brewery


I had a great experience working with Chrys on her Feature Film called Madison and the Happiness Jar. I loved her enthusiasm and passion for her work. She was very diligent and always very articulate with her communication. I look forward to working with her again in the future

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Maddy Frankel - Actress

I met Chrys Phillips when she was directing The Rise of Billy Jones. I was so nervous as it was the first time I had ever acted on screen. Chrys however made everything fun and enjoyable while remaining professional and focused and she was able to put my mind and nerves at ease. 


Since then I have done various mentoring sessions with Chrys for film and they have been super rewarding. It is incredible to work with someone who has such a rich knowledge about the industry and will not hold back on that knowledge. Including subtle things that are needed for screen acting that I never would have thought about. I appreciate her honesty as she genuinely makes me feel that all she wants to get out of me is to make me the best actor I can be! Chrys also makes me feel like I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I am so lucky to have her in my corner and as a screen mentor. 


Kristy Howell - Director Howell Management /Casting 


Working with Chrys on Counter Play (as a Casting Director) has been nothing but inspirational and inspiring! Chrys brings an amazing energy and professionalism to the set everyday. I look forward to working with her on many more of her amazing projects.


Sammy Johnston - Actress


I love getting to work with great directors. Learning so much from Chrys Phillips about how things work in film and tv in America and love how much she challenges me as an actor.

*original source: instagram

Andrew Lutomski- Thor Impersonator Personality / Actor 

Chrys brings a wealth of knowledge of experience from the industry. She has the best interests at heart for those she represents and mentors, creating a nurturing, inclusive and fun environment. Chrys gave me the tools to further my skills and has been very influential to my development as an actor.


Courtenay Louise - Actress


Thanks a million for helping me make my dreams come true Chrys!! Xx

The Emerson - Jason Weaffer


Liasing alongside (both Mikaela and) Chrys Phillips has been nothing short of a wonderful and professional experience. These women are the changing face of TV production in Australia and we are happy and proud to support them on their journey.

Sean Overman - Author

Thanks to Chrys Phillips, I entered into a community of authors and storytellers. She advised me on copyrighting my work, strategies for social media marketing, how to self publish, utilize iBooks and Amazon effectively and do blog tours. Much gratitude to Chrys Phillips and her amazing advice about the book industry!


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Jessica Knight - Actress

I am so very honored and lucky to have you as a mentor


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