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Chrys Phillips 


Author, playwright and screenwriter Chrys Phillips is one of todays successfully published writers in the genres of print media, theatre and the publishing world. Chrys's passion as a youth motivational speaker has been rewarding, not only to the youth she chats to-in a relaxed, friendly approach- but in her life too.


Educational and community audiences are captivated by Chrys's chats as she speaks to her audiences from her own experience and about how she came from an underprivliged background and how she has stood fast and strong to achieve her success! Her speaking highlights the message that: Never say you can't! And do not allow anyone to define who or what you can be! 


Chrys taps into Q&A and chats involving her audience to see their own potential to achieve any personal goals!


Chrys can attend and come to speak at your event, school and/or organization and foundation, bringing along her charming self and copies of her motivational novel, Never Say Can't! for your students, clients and audience. Her message speaks strong and varied, from topics on Entrepreneurship, Self Love and Conservation to everyday tips, points and advice in not only getting focused, but staying focused on your goals, dreams and aspirations even through adversity or negative influences! 


To request more information on Chrys's public speaking and receive a press kit please direct all enquiries via email to Free Spirit Creative



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