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Writer Advice & 

Mentoring Services

Due to popular demand, of many aspiring writers and fans asking Chrys for advice, tips/tricks and consultations of their own writing work, Chrys once again is now offering her knowledge of the writing world... to you! From script consultations, to publishing advice, to how to pitch, Chrys covers some of your most frequently asked questions and guides you through what can be a daunting experience to many newbie writers. 



The first chapter of a book is where you grab the reader. Whether its a book fan, publisher or literary agent. 

The first chapter/scene should set up the story that's to unfold and engage the reader instantly.

Without a professional consultation and industry advice, you could put yourself out of the running by submitting/publishing an inferior and incomplete storyline. 

This appraisal and consultation service includes:

- A read of your chosen first chapter/scene, returned with feedback

- Written feedback reviewing and advising on; characters validity and relatability, tense and/or narration, location and story setting, does style of writing match genre and plot line.

*from first day of receiving, this process can take between 14-20 days.

10-14 days                Fee $150 

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30mins                Fee $70 

Chrys offers an array of mentor consultation call options, covering everything from 'How to Pitch a Book', 'Traditional Publishing vs Independent Publishing' and so on...

In your 30 minute consultation call with Chrys she will cover the topic chosen, pros and cons, her experiences and answer any questions you have to assist and guide you through your writing journey!

Mentor Services to choose from:

(one topic per 30min call)​

- How to Pitch a Book

- How to Find a Publisher

- What's POD printing?

- Traditional Publishing vs Independent Publishing

- Software and writing formats for stage and screen

- How do I begin writing my book?

- How do I begin writing my screenplay or stage play?

- How can I get my book published on Amazon, iTunes etc?

- Book Publicity and Promotions

30min Mentor Call includes:

- Q&A

- Pros and Cons

- Chrys's own experience on the chosen topic

- Advice and referrals to writing organizations, guilds and/or publishing services 

- After your phone conversation, you will receive and email with PDF information and advice on the discussed topic/service

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